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The jumpsuit that didn't quite make the Christmas party appearance! M7632

    Hey guys! So, long time no blog, right? LOL! I haven't been doing much sewing lately. I was finishing up with my Bachelor's degree, in which I finished up in October, thank you, Jesus!  I'm gearing up for starting on my Master's soon.

Well, let's jump into what this blog is really about, which is M7632. I absolutely loved this pattern when McCall's first released this pattern, and finally got around to it. This pattern sews up fairly quickly, and with only four pattern pieces makes for a great pattern in this busy mom book. I was hoping to finish this jumpsuit in time for my friendship Christmas party with girls, but alas, that didn't happen, lol.
Love each and one of these ladies, seriously!

 I wasn't too sure what size to make as I have been on a weight loss journey this year and have lost quite of bit of weight. Although I've managed to lose quite a bit of weight, it's still sometimes hard to see yourself, the new version of yourself. I ended up cutting a size too big in the bodice and had a bit of gaping in the bodice, but it's all good! I'm still going to rock it, that is until it becomes too big to wear it.

Left to right: My machine stitched hem, sure did! LOL! Didn't feel like hand sewing a hem, #sorrynotsorry Top right, zipper, bottom left outside of the zipper and the bottom right an inside shot
 I used an 18 (pattern size, not clothing size for my newbies that follow my blog) for the jumpsuit but thinking that I could have used the size 16 and made an FBA for the bodice, as I had a bit of gaping along the side without the strap.

For the fabric, I used an African wax print that I purchased from Mood Fabrics. I first saw Erica B. use this fabric and thought it was hot! Y'all this fabric is fiyah, seriously!  There wasn't anything tricky with this pattern. I would suggest however if you are 5'7 and over, I'm 5'8 for reference to maybe consider lengthening the crotch area. I only lengthened it 5/8 inch I believe and probably should have lengthened it a 1/2 inch or little more, so just tissue fit to be sure.

  Overall, I enjoyed making this pattern as it really does come together really quickly and for someone with a short attention span these days. I need something quick and to the point and cute, lol! I'm not sure what the next project will be, but I do know that it will be something that I need and will actually wear. I'm thinking a pair of jeans or a jacket, but we will see! That's all I have for now! I am wishing you all a Happy Holiday filled with peace and love!

                ~As Always, Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fiercely fierce!



  1. I am glad you got a chance to finish it and wear it! That African wax print is amazing! Congrats on your Bachelors!!

  2. Congratulations on getting your Bachelor's. That's a huge accomplishment. The jumpsuit looks gorgeous. I love the print and color of the fabric.

  3. Congratulations Candice and nice makes. We missed you!


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